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Employment Opportunities

Software Project Engineer

Stellartech is looking for a Software Project Engineer to join our R&D Team.


  • Take ownership of SRS, SDS, and V&V documents developed in accordance with the product specifications, User and Usability requirements.
  • Design/implement/test embedded software for medical devices running a real-time OS.
  • Develop complete software modules that are integrated into product software, typically operating in a real time environment. Code development to consider module requirements, variable types, data pass-through requirements, data integrity and boundary conditions.
  • Perform object-oriented programming, e.g., the ability to construct objects with data fields and the rules that operate on the data fields. Able to assess performance and debug operation of one or more objects integrated into the software structure, relative to the object and overall system requirements and restrictions.
  • Program in C and C++ programming languages. Perform coding, testing, debugging, and documentation throughout the application development process, in a manner consistent with medical product software development. Familiarity with other programming languages, such as Java and Python is also desired.
  • Develop software code that is compatible with the requirements of operating systems commonly used by Stellartech, including Linux, Micro COS and others.
  • Write code that interfaces with system hardware such as LCDs, touch panels, A/D converters, multiplexers, FPGAs, EEPROMs, and other addressable devices using various bus schemes, including I2C, 1-wire, SPI, ISA, PCI, and USB.
  • Assess and perform Software Verification (static/dynamic) of modules written by team members.
  • Develop and execute Software Validation protocols traceable to the Software Requirements Specifications.
  • Comply with standard operating procedures for software development, and familiarity with software development and maintenance regulatory requirements, e.g., FDA, IEC 62304, etc.
  • Provide technical leadership to junior SW Engineers.
  • Interface with customers, QA, consultants, Document Control (DHF documentation), etc.

Skills & Qualifications:

  • Typically requires a BS/MS in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering.
  • Should have at least 10+ years of relevant experience working in an R&D/product development environment.
  • Medical Device experience is preferred.

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